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Pioneers in the industry, we offer ss mineral water plant, jar cleaning machine, mineral water plant, turnkey mineral water plant projects, drinking water bottling plant and packaged drinking water plant from India.

SS Mineral Water Plant

SS Mineral Water Plant
  • SS Mineral Water Plant
  • SS Mineral Water Plant
  • SS Mineral Water Plant
  • SS Mineral Water Plant
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.98 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price
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Product Details:

Motor2 kw
Purification Capacity5000 L/hour

We are manufacturers of SS Mineral Water Plant,which is widely demanded for its efficiency and high performance.

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Jar Cleaning Machine

Jar Cleaning Machine
  • Jar Cleaning Machine
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Approx. Price: Rs 55,000 / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Machine TypeSemi-Automatic
Quantity In Pack1 unit
Air Pressure Bar4 bar

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and service providing Jar Washing Machine. These are designed and developed by the professionals in compliance with the international standards. Moreover, in order to meet the customers' requirements, we offer these jar washing machines in different models and specifications.


Machine Design:

  • Complete unit in stainless steel 304
  • All pumps in stainless steel 304
  • Outer washing of jar with high pressure (stainless steel model)
  • Hot water washes with heater & tank provision
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Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant
  • Mineral Water Plant
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Product Details:

Water SourceBorewell Water
Type Of Purification PlantsReverse Osmosis
Water Storage Capacity4000 L
Motor5 kw
Usage/ApplicationDRINKING WATER
Area Available of Plant Installation5000 SQUARE FEET

Mineral water requirements and their demands are increasing constantly and rapidly with increasing consciousness of people towards their health. Bottled mineral water assures water quality and easy transportability. This mineral water plant project involves machinery for bottle manufacturing, purifying water, bottling purified water and labelling. The designing of the plant basically includes economically viable capacity like the capital outlay is optimized. The capacity of the various units includes Ultra/RO Filtration Plant, Bottle Manufacturing, and Labelling, Bottle Filling Machine (Reinsing Filling and Caping Machine). These all the four capacities are matching to each other and for any adjustment, some of the machines can be run for longer duration.

You can view further the flow diagram of process including total water treatment process with filling and packaging:

Raw Water Storage Tank: It is used for storing raw water.

Raw Water Transfer Pump: It is used for feeding raw water in the pre-treatment of RO plant.

Multigrade Sand Filter: A set of Multigrade Pressure Sand Filter (MSF) unit in SS construction is provided for filtering raw water that is passed through a Multigrade Sand Filter (MSF) unit to remove suspended matters and turbidity present in the raw water. It is a SS vertical pressure vessel and externally this unit is fitted with Multiport valve. The unit is charged with filtering media. When raw water is passed through this filter bed, the suspended matters and turbidity gets removed.

Activated Carbon Filter: A set of Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit in SS construction is provided to filter raw water. Raw water is passed through an Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit to filter raw water. Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) unit is installed for passing raw water to remove colour and odour present in the raw water. It is a SS vertical pressure vessel and this unit is externally fitted with Multiport valve. This unit is charged with Activated Carbon media. When raw water is passed through this filter bed, colour & odour gets removed.

Anti-Scalant Chemical Dosing: A number of Anti-Scalant Chemical Dosing with Dosing Tank is used for preventing the precipitation in the membrane and hence, it enhances the life of RO Membrances.

Micron Cartridge Filters: These filters are complete with corrosion proof housing suitable for brackish water conditions. Cartridges are rated at 10 microns and 5 microns pore size.

High Pressure Pump: A high pressure pump with motor is provided with reverse osmosis system. This pump is of Multi stage Centrifugal type and increases pressure required for the RO system.

Desalination Reverse Osmosis System: Through this system, total dissolved solids get removed at the rejection rate of 90% to 97%. In the shape of permit, the desirable quality of water is obtained along with draining out of the waste water as rejected dissolved solids.

pH Chemical Dosing: This dosing treatment is used for final process of treatment in which pH value is corrected through the chemical dosing process.

Ozonator: Ozonator involves treating product water obtained through above process for the removal of micro-organisms present in the treated mineral water.

Treated water storage tank: Storage of final water is done in the stainless steel tank.

Filling section: Finally, the water is packed in food grade pet bottles of respective sizes through semi-automatic filling machine in an isolated section involving absolute hygiene.

Quality Inspection: As the bottles get filled, each bottle is taken through the intensive quality check measures like white light inspection before they are dispatched.

Packaging: Then, these bottles are taken for final bulk packaging in cartons etc that are ready for despatch in the market.

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Turnkey Mineral Water Plant Projects

Turnkey Mineral Water Plant Projects
  • Turnkey Mineral Water Plant Projects
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Skills / Qualification RequiredMsc Microbiology
Type of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant
Project Durationas per design
Sizeas per design
Brand Nameyour own
Processautomatic and manual
Cityall over india

We manufacture and supply a complete plant of Drinking Water Plant, Packaged Drinking Water Plant, Mineral Water Plant, Mineral Water Bottling Plant on Turn-Key basis.

  • Raw Water Storage tank.
  • Raw Water Feeding Pump.
  • Multi Graded Sand Filter.
  • Activated Carbon Filter.
  • Antiscalant Dosing system.
  • Ultra Violate Disinfection System
  • Micron Filtration System.
  • High Pressure Pump.
  • Reverse Osmosis Element.
  • Pressure Vessel for elements.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Instruments and Instrument Panel.
  • Rinsing Filling & Capping Machine.
  • Label Shrinking Machine.
  • Micron Filtration for Minerals Controlling System.
  • Treated Water Storage Tank.
  • Treated Water Transfer Pump.
  • Fine Polishing Micron Filtration System.
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection System.
  • Ozone Generating Set.
  • Ozone Reacting Tank.
  • Ozone Circulating Pump.
  • R.O. Membrane Cleaning System.
  • Injection molding Machine.
  • Stretch Blow Molding Machine.

  • Can be made available in different functional capacities that range from 100 LPH to 100,000 LPH.
  • This capacity can also be customized as demanded by the customers.
  • Makes use of FRP vessels as well as stainless steel 304 piping support.
  • Also made available with Skid provision as an optional choice.
  • Can also offer bigger capacity Plants featuring use of Mild Steel Vessels.
  • Coated both internally as well as externally using Food Grade Epoxy so as to provide for optimum service life.
  • SS 304 finish provided for Micron Bag UV systems, Filters and Cartridge Filters.
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Drinking Water Bottling Plant

Drinking Water Bottling Plant
  • Drinking Water Bottling Plant
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Product Details:

Water SourceBorewell Water
Purification Capacity5000 L/hour
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Water Filling MethodJar Filling
Bottle Filling Capacity30 Bottle/min
Water Purification ProcessChlorination
Number of Membranes in RO4
Control PanelWithout Control Panel
Installation TypeCompletes Civil work with Installation

Leveraging on our advanced and modern manufacturing facilities, we develop and offer our clients a durable range of Mineral Water Plants that are designed in compliance with the BIS guidelines. These mineral water plants comprise a pre-filtration system, reverse osmosis system, sub-micron filter, ultraviolet, ozonator and SS storage tank, which increase their ability to meet specialized needs. Due to its optimum quality and wear and tear resistance, this range is watermarked with ISI 14543 – 2004. Our range of mineral water plants is ideal for usage in processing mineral waters, soft drinks, beers and juices.


  • The major impurities of waters can be classified into three main groups:
  • Non-ionic & undissolved physical impurities. [Turbidity, Odour, Colour etc]
  • Ionic and dissolved impurities [Ca, Mg, Na, So4, Cl, iron etc]
  • Microbiological impurities [ Bacteria, Virus, Pathogens etc]
There are various processes employed to purify the water and various combination of the processes are incorporated to ensure that final composition of the product conforms to the most stringent norms. 

Typically a Mineral water Plant may consist of:

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Packaging Plant

The Water Treatment Plant consists of One or All of the below mentioned process:

  1. Chlorine/Hypochlorite dosing system is done in the raw water for disinfection / oxidation of iron and manganese (if present) in the water before filtration.

  2. Water Storage Tank
    Raw water, after chlorination, is required to be stored to achieve a detention time as per process

  3. Multi-Grade Sand Filter
    Sand filtration is the most frequently used, robust method to remove suspended solids from water. The Filter consists of multiple layers of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. The Filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop.

  4. Activated Carbon Filter
    We manufacture a complete range of Activated Carbon Filters in different sizes. 
    The Activated carbon Filters are designed to remove free chlorine, organic matter, odour and Colour present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop.

  5. Antiscalant Dosing System
    To prevent membrane Antiscalant dosing (scale inhibitor) system is provided.

  6. Micron Filters
    Micron Filtration is achieved by a series of filtration with the 10 Micron and 5 Micron Cartridge Filters.

  7. Reverse Osmosis System
    Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure. This is the reverse of the normal osmosis process, which is the natural movement of solvent from an area of low solute concentration

  8. Ultra Violet Sterilizer 
    Ultraviolet light deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevents the DNA to reproduce.

  9. Ozone Generator 
    Though RO System rejects all the micro – organisms like bacteria & virus; it may redevelop in packed bottles over a period of time. Hence, it is necessary to disinfect RO Product water prior to bottling.

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Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Packaged Drinking Water Plant
  • Packaged Drinking Water Plant
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Water SourceBorewell Water
Purification Capacity10000 L/hour
Automation GradeAutomatic
Water Filling MethodBottle Filling
Approximate Power Consumption25 hp
Bottle Filling Capacity30 Bottle/min
Water Purification ProcessRO
Number of Membranes in RO4

Greensign  is a company and name to reckon in the industry of packaged drinking water plants. Water is a necessity of life. We cannot survive without water. Drinking pure water, which is free from bacteria’s and germs in very essential. This requirement of safe and healthy drinking water has increased the demand of packaged drinking water in India. Today the market is crowded with packaged water from different companies. These are available in various packets like tetra pack, small plastic pouches and bottles. But, packaged water in bottles is in much demand, unlike the rest. So, if you are looking for any Packaged Drinking Water Plants in India, you know Dew Pure is the name you should trust on.

When Are The Packaged Drinking Water Used Mostly?

1. Mostly when people are out of their home at any public place, purchasing of packaged water is commonly seen to quench the thirst.

2. When on a vacation or business trip we only trust sealed packaged water.3. When the weather is sultry and you need water immediately.

4. When you don't feel safe drinking the water from the tap.

However, the purification and packaging both requires a vast set-up of machines that will do the job effortlessly. We have been in this business from years offering a superb range of plant system for preparing the packaged drinking water. Our manufacturing unit is outstanding, dedicated in serving the clients with only what is best. We have been able to gather a renowned recognition from our customers throughout the world.

Benefits of Drinking Packaged Water

There are many benefits of drinking from the packaged water bottles, as firstly they assure the quality check and manufacturing process in the water plants. And, some of the advantages are here listed below:

1. Packaged drinking will help you to lose weight.

2. This will improve the bone quality of your body

3. The water will also lower your blood pressure

4. This will keep a firm check on the LDL Cholesterol

5. It helps in aiding indigestion

6. Has a great influence over the muscle performance

7. Maintains the electrolyte balance of the body

8. Reduces the kidney stone risk

9. Detoxifies your skin

10. Helps in breaking down the waste materials and clean the body from inside

11. Relives oneself from any pain or aches in joints.

Quality and Standard Is Our Forte

Standardized equipments affirming guaranteed quality satisfaction is what we aim at. Our team of professionals is culminating in designing the equipments meeting the demands of every packaged drinking water project in Coimbatore. Brainstorming innovative ideas and then putting it on paper has become effortless for our staff. Our unit is a prominent name in the water management industry. While designing our equipments we make sure that the entire process of packaging is taken into consideration. Before the packaging work is done many important process has to be followed. There are many companies in the water industry but when it comes to the packaged drinking water plant in coimbatore, Greensign earns it name by providing utmost quality and stable growth.

These are done to purify the water from harmful impurities and make it crystal clear. The techniques used in this process are many. Ultraviolet Sterilization is one common method used in many units. To remove stable and unstable impurities deionization, ozonation and reverse osmosis is done. So components required in such process also become an integral part of the packaged drinking water plant in India. Before the onset of the packaging process, the container whether it is the bottle or the plastic pouches, both has to be made germs free. So the packaging plant prioritizes the process of sterilization of the containers.


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Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Generator
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
TypeOzone Generator
Material of ConstructionStainless Steel
Power SourceElectrical
Ozone Outputas per design

  • We are One of the leading Manufacturers of ozone products in different types of applications. We have wde range of products, and we can make customized products as per client application.
  • We did many plants and take excellent result with customer satisfaction in all over india. We are in Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers for ozone generators in water treatment sector.
  • Our product range starts from 100mg/hr ozone generators onwords
  • We can treat by our ozonator from 20L/hr water.
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